Professor Mica Jovanovic was giving a serial of lectures in Venezuela

  • 12/12/2007 11:30
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  • 12, januar 2017 Professor Mica Jovanovic, Rector and founder of the Megatrend University of Belgrade, was giving a serial of lectures at Institute for Higher Diplomatic Studies Pedro Gual in Caracas, Venezuela, from 20th to 27th of September 2007.

    Professor Jovanovic was officialy invited by the Government of Venezuela to visit this country and to give some lectures on Yugoslavian self-management and on the economic and social development of Serbia.

    During his 10-day of staying, Professor Jovanovic has visited Universidad de Los Andes in Merida and, after that, he was lecturing at the above mentioned Institute.

    Professor Mica Jovanovic spent one of ten days in the Hugo Chavez Government, as special guest of Mr. Acuna, Minister of Education of Venezuela.